POGLI was established in January 2017 by Dr Karun Malhotra, with the main objective of forming a BRIDGE between Japan and India, especially in the field of technology transfer and development of new business using local eco-systems to the fullest.

We believe that the best way to build business is to use the local eco-system as much as possible. This is more so true when companies want to expand their business overseas.


The founding principles of our company are based on the concept of




We find and work with existing stakeholders in the local eco-system, connect the relevant ones together to form an integrated and intelligent value chain and then help grow that value chain into an independent & sustainable business. Although we offer services for various parts within the value chain, our focus is on creating the entire value chain.


Dr Karun Malhotra, a graduate of IIT Delhi and post-graduate from McGill University, Canada is a veteran of the Japanese Electronics Industry having spent over a quarter of a century in one of the world’s most advanced technology and manufacturing companies for passive electronic components, devices and modules, Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Kyoto, Japan and counts them amongst his present clients. In his last stint with Murata he was their head of corporate technology planning and new business development group. During his career in Murata he has spent proportionate amount of time in R&D, manufacturing, product marketing, new business development and corporate CTO office. He was also an expatriate in the USA for almost 10 years. Before joining Murata, Karun had spent over 3 years in Kyoto University under various prestigious grants from the Japanese government. He is fluent in all aspects of Japanese language and understands their corporate and social fabric very well.