For now, POGLI is focused only on Japan and India. We believe that the partnership between Japan and India is going to be one of the key factors for the (a) sustainable economic growth of India and (b) maintaining technological leadership of Japan.

Nevertheless, since our core expertise lies in understanding the Japanese techno-industrial culture, we are also open to assisting companies from countries other than India in entering the Japanese market.


Pogli supports the “Make in India” program of India and with the help from Japanese industries, hopes to help launch India into the big league of electronics manufacturing countries. We plan to do this by bringing High Technology & Values of Japanese manufacturing culture to India. Pogli believes that “High Technology can lead to Affordable products” for the masses not only in India but other developing nations around the globe.

Pogli also wishes to bring Indian Ingenuity and Innovativeness to Japan, especially in areas of creating new business models, artificial intelligence, rapid product development and design of Robust, Easy-to-use, Affordable and Digital products (R.E.A.D. principle)